Don’t Stop Believing

The total number of passing yards absolutely gets lost in the mayhem and madness of the weekly celebration of Denver quarterback Tim Tebow. He finally cracked the 200 passing yards mark against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 13 and even hit 236 in overtime against the Chicago Bears on Sunday afternoon.

“If you believe,” Tebow said after his unbelievable win against Chicago, “then unbelievable things can sometimes be possible.”

I now believe in everything. The tooth fairy. Santa Claus. The Easter Bunny.

Tim Tebow’s run of seven wins and one loss as the signal caller for the Broncos took a team dead in the water and gave them more than a decent shot at a playoff berth. Tebow seemingly creates his own one-man show with 21 ancillary players on the field.

On Friday night, I watched a special on Tebow as he prepared for the NFL Draft after his senior season at the University of Florida. I don’t have a good judge of how much preparation a player puts into getting into prime condition. Tebow absolutely went nuts in his quest to become a professional quarterback. He doesn’t take shortcuts and doesn’t fake it. At one point in the documentary, Tebow looks at a still image from his final season with the Gators and breaks down the play where every receiver ends up on that route. About half of football players can do this. Tebow just sells it better than any other player.

Tim Tebow is a person we all want to become.

Make all the jokes you want, but Tebow has never been arrested, never been in trouble and acts like a model citizen on and off the field.

“It’s not Tebow Time,” Tebow said after the Bears win. “It’s Broncos Time.”

Boy, is it ever.

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