It’s Still A Series

You think the World Series is over.

The leading hitter for the Boston Red Sox – a man who rarely plays a position on the defensive side of the ball – can’t create an out. That’s a good thing if you like Boston.

David Ortiz checks into Game Six of the World Series with 11 hits in 15 at-bats. He’s also walked four times. Ortiz has two gigantic homers, six RBI’s and zero strikeouts in the first five games of the Series. He’s got two hands firmly on the Most Valuable Player award, regardless of the outcome of Wednesday’s and (if needed) Thursday’s game.

In a Series full of imperfection, Ortiz can’t miss. The designated hitter for the Red Sox continues to do his job in the postseason. The 37-year-old won championships with Boston in ’04 & ’07, but never by himself. He’s doing that in ’13. You almost expect the 37-year-old to accept the MVP award before Wednesday’s game.

Baseball doesn’t work like basketball or football where the star of the show can take over for consecutive offensive plays in crunch time. Baseball gives everyone a turn. St. Louis rookie pitcher Michael Wacha, a certified postseason superstar, takes the mound in Fenway on Wednesday against John Lackey. The great nugget that will get buried in this Series puts Lackey in all even games of the Series, something highly irregular for a starting pitcher in the last 50 years in any series in baseball.

Give Papi the MVP. Just don’t give the Series to Boston. It’s the Red Sox first Game Six in the World Series since the matchup with the Mets at Shea in 1986. It’s Boston’s first home Game Six in the World Series since Bernie Carbo’s 3-run homer in the 8th and Carlton Fisk’s walk-off winner for the ages against Cincinnati in 1975. The Red Sox lost both Series.

You think the World Series is over?

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