Out Of Their Shell

It’s a little different when you don’t have a linebacker as a quarterback.

Just ask Randy Edsall, the head coach at the University of Maryland. Edsall, the preseason coach on the hottest of hot seats, won his fourth game of the season on Saturday at M&T Bank Stadium in a slopfest of a game against West Virginia.

Maryland came out of its shell against the Mountaineers with a 37-0 win that featured a number of breaks for the team leaving the ACC at the end of this season.

“Here we are a third of the way through our season. We’re 4-0. We can’t be better than that. But as a coach, there’s still plenty of room for improvement and we can get a whole lot better,” Edsall said after he grabbed a towel in a game that featured more precipitation than fan interest.

But how good are the Terps?

We don’t know the answer just yet. We will know the answer in two weeks when Maryland visits Florida State for the final time in ACC play. The Seminoles are the flavor of the month – along with the Clemson Tigers – in an ACC that continues to get better. The Noles are undefeated as well and will likely enter the game as a heavy favorite against the Terps in a probable primetime game that could put Maryland back on the map.

It’s not impossible for the Terps to win the final eight games on their regular season schedule. Do that and you get an invitation to the ACC Championship Game. Win that and you go to the final BCS Championship Game.

It’s not impossible.


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