Electronic Ranting (On The Computer)

At different points in the summer, it’s my job to monitor golf tournaments for sportscasts.

I take days off from this activity to do the same exact thing at my home. So, I might not be the best person to get on a soapbox.

Just humor me. You’ve already clicked on the link.

I found out earlier today that someone created a fake Facebook account asking for money to be wired to that individual. By no means am I rich, but I’m not in any need of financial assistance from Facebook friends. While this acts as a mild inconvenience for me, it poses a bigger question that I’m curious about the answer.

Why do people do this?

How bad does your life have to get to prey on people for either financial gain or purely for entertainment purposes. I’m guessing a solid 98% of those who are on Facebook don’t believe these scams and aren’t willing to Western Union a random amount of money without actually talking to the person. I actually got a screengrab from one of my friends who responded to the message sent to my Facebook inbox. The scammer said that I was out of the country and needed money. My real friend asked where I was. The fake me responded Phoenix.

I’ve always thought Arizona seemed like it was out-of-the-way.

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