Take Your Medicine

When some people see 30 approaching quicker than they anticipate, silly things happen. Some folks change career paths, some purchase lavish cars or take extravagant vacations.

29-year-old Ryan Braun took performance enhancing drugs, lied about taking the drugs and now won’t play until Spring Training.

Major League Baseball suspended Braun for 65 games on Monday afternoon. The 2011 National League MVP won’t receive another dime from his base contract for the final two months and change of the 2013 season. This works out to around $3.5 million for the rest of the season. In the release put out by MLB, Bruan said “I realize now that I have made some mistakes. I am willing to accept the consequences of those actions.”

Now you are?

Braun’s February Presser

Last February, Braun held a press conference on a baseball field to declare his innocence. His thanked his fans, among others, standing there with his perfectly placed hair and assumed fashion forward outfit. Braun then did what he does best. He went on the offensive. Please listen to it when you get a chance in the link above. Braun says that if he willingly or unwillingly broke baseball’s drug code, he would man up and admit fault. Braun claimed to have class, honor, integrity, professionalism and dignity. He then bet his life that the substance never entered his body. Braun’s an awful gambler.

It’s a simple process. Braun took drugs to put up huge numbers. Huge numbers lead to fat paychecks. Braun is set to make more than $10 million for the next handful of years. That’s fat enough for anyone. The net result is also simple: taking steroids benefits you in the long run. Braun likely will receive a gross gain of more than $100 million. Is that worth your reputation being damaged? Is that worth wearing a dopey shirt that leads the league in buttons to cost a guy who doesn’t make millions with his profession? Ryan Braun still gets to keep his job.

Ryan Braun’s name deserved to be dragged through the mud multiple times. His name is now mud. Braun will never make the Hall Of Fame. He can’t. Everything is now tainted.  All 211 homers and 681 runs batted in.

In that fascinating February statement, Braun calls himself a victim and says that the truth will prevail. It did on Monday.

Ryan turns 30 in November. I hope they don’t plan a surprise party. Braun’s had enough of them.

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