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With half of its city keeping an eye on the Clippers probable deep run and Lakers first round series loss in the NBA Playoffs, Los Angeles can avoid a full-fledged panic attack with their secondary baseball team.

The Los Angeles Angels, known as Anaheim to three-quarters of baseball fans, are floundering in third place of the American League West. The Angels have a 7-11 record, have a bevy of power hitters who can’t register more than two homers in 18 games and literally can’t buy a run.

The Angels, like their National League counterparts, made many an off-season splash. L.A. gobbled up slugger Josh Hamilton,  starter Tommy Hanson and kept Mark Trumbo. At this point in the regular season, Hamilton’s WAR would declare itself its own worst enemy. He’s hitting a Berman (.222) and has as many doubles as homers (2). It’s still a small sample size and no one needs to press the panic button like a Jeopardy! buzzer at this point.

The Angels have allowed more runs (90) than scored (80), sport a 2-6 road record and break even at home. The most expensive team in all of Orange County sits five and a half games behind the Texas Rangers. I’m pretty sure that Hamilton remembers those guys.

Baseball is a wonderfully long season in which the best team always rises to the top. After all, they do play 162 games. We won’t know until July if the experiment worked out for L.A., but it doesn’t matter right now. Everyone is too focused on Chris Paul and the Clippers anyway.

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