Go West

As Catholics observe the Lenten season by giving up ice cream, television or (gasp) Twitter for a solid 40 days, the folks at the Roman Catholic based Gonzaga University pledge a very interesting way to honor Lent.

They might not lose a basketball game.

The number three team in both the Associated Press poll and Coaches poll continues its perfect record in West Coast Conference play and boasts a non-conference resume’ that makes Harvard business students blush.

Knocking off Kansas State, Baylor and Oklahoma State, the Bulldogs destroyed the Big 12 along with notable others to continue such an impressive run that most who fall asleep before 10:00 in the evening never get a chance to see these guys play basketball.

Santa Clara will continue to see Gonzaga in their nightmares.

“They outscored us, outrebounded us and outplayed us,” said Santa Clara coach Kerry Keating. “They solidified their position as one of the best teams in the country.”

The Bulldogs beat the Broncos by 43 points. Santa Clara only scored 42. Gonzaga put on a complete and dominate display of why they should land as the best team on the West Coast and one of the better teams in college basketball.

As my co-worker and friend Pete Gilbert quickly points out, Gonzaga has a grand total of one Top 25 win this season. The only losses for the Bulldogs all year came against Illinois and Butler – both ranked No. 13 at the time of the game.

Gonzaga will face one more challenge in the regular season at the end of the month at BYU and likely the Gaels of St. Mary’s in the conference tournament a week later. It’s not shocking to see the Bulldogs enter the NCAA Tournament as the overall No. 1 seed. With the amount of upsets that take place during Championship Week, I’d be surprised if the Bulldogs didn’t nab that seed.

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