Paper Heroes

I am under the influence of C8H10N4O2 while typing this blog entry.

Caffeine, as its more commonly known, can be found in a staple in two of my favorite drinks. I thrive on coffee and Coca-Cola throughout the day, especially during high stress points during the year. I am a writer who is juicing at my place of work. Should I make any Hall of Fame for bloggers?

Roughly 600 members of the Baseball Writers Association of America face an improbable test on Wednesday as they vote for the enshrinement of who will arrive in the 2013 Hall of Fame class in Cooperstown, New York. They will jumble the usual suspects of those who continue to wait for their call to the Hall with a new crop of baseball legends who bring hefty numbers and multiple asterisks.

Barry Bonds, a 14-time All-Star and winner of the MVP award seven times, faces more than an inquiry from those voters to allow a sculptor to create a bust for him. Bonds hit the most home runs in the history of the game (762) and most homers in a season (73 in 2001). His more than 2,500 career walks are eye-popping. Pitchers intentionally walked Bonds 688 times in his career.

Roger Clemens won seven Cy Young awards in his career that produced 354 wins. That’s a slam-dunk vote on the first ballot into the most cherished museum in sports. Clemens has over 4,600 career strikeouts and a career ERA of 3.12.

These numbers belong in Cooperstown. These people do not.

Both Bonds and Clemens have denied any volunteered use of performance enhancing drugs. It gets a little murky with Barry, but Roger continues to claim innocence. We know they cheated. They excelled because of cheating. You don’t receive a reward for flunking Chemistry; you attend summer school. Trust me, I know.

The Hall of Fame should allow no one in this year. It’s all too fresh and uncertain where the next 15 years will lead for this most monumental of honors. I can’t take my son or daughter to a museum and show them cheating eventually lands you in a place of honor.

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  1. I agree with you about those two turkeys. But there are other worthy players, and part of promoting baseball today and tomorrow is admitting worthy players each year. I’ve always thought the baseball writers have been too stingy in how many they admit – fans deserve a trip to Cooperstown to see their beloved favorites enshrined.

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