How Good Are You?

If you know the nickname of the Charleston Southern athletics program, you either enjoy sports more than your knucklehead friend enjoys photobombing or you actually matriculated around the campus. If it’s the second case, I despise you. Charleston is the prettiest city in America.

The Buccaneers basketball team, currently 1-5 on the season, took an overvalued Arizona team deep into the second half in the Wildcats first game of the season. Arizona’s still a supermodel for the time being. No blemishes. Looks good on paper. A nine, if you will. (That’s where they landed in the AP & coaches poll this week.)

The Wildcats are in a weird place just four games into the season. They haven’t beaten anyone with a winning record, didn’t get a taste of a tough preseason schedule and will be favored in every game for the rest of the season. (The game against Florida in Tucson might go down as a pick ’em.)

Arizona can boast about its top ten numbers in assists (2nd in the country), points per game (9th) and field goal percentage (10th). They still haven’t played anyone. The Wildcats face their first airplane ride of the season on Saturday for the Texas Tech game. They play just one more road game until Pac-12 season starts in early January.

This gamble that Arizona plays with its early season schedule may backfire in mid-March or could look like a genius move. It all depends how the ball bounces in the desert.

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