Thursday Thoughts (Nov. 8)

North Carolina and Michigan State played a visually stunning game last November in San Diego on an aircraft carrier.

The basketball was not the start of the show.

President Obama showed up, ESPN televised the game and the display of outdoor basketball didn’t give hoops purists any reason to see this become an annual event. Both teams shot less than 48% (Michigan State finished shooting 31%) and the allure of the novelty turned out to actually become bigger than the game.

So, naturally, we’re going to do this four more times this season. (Technically, three more times. The Spartans will take on UConn on Friday in an aircraft hangar in Germany. I’m not making this up. I even called East Lansing to confirm. They are playing in a hangar.) The other three games will take place in Charleston, Jacksonville and San Diego. They actually had to postpone the game in San Diego until Sunday due to a forecast of rain.

Yes, it’s a very cool scene to see active military members cheer on a great sport. I just hope we don’t see a November Nuttiness of outdoor basketball. You can’t base anything you see on a game played on a Base.

That being said, I hope everyone enjoys the first weekend of the season in college hoops. My first regular season AP poll will be released after the late games on Sunday. I encourage your response on Twitter!

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