Preseason A.P. Poll

Between the ages of 5-32, I would sometimes disagree with the writers and broadcasters who voted for a certain team in the Associated Press men’s college basketball poll. Now everyone gets a chance to fire back. I have a vote in the AP poll this season and look forward to releasing my ballot on my blog before the AP releases the overall vote. In this case, my ballot will be a few days before the poll is released. I will try to post my ballot on Sunday evenings before the Monday morning release of the remaining 64 votes starting in mid-November.

I will not explain my vote in my blog post. I will just list the teams and encourage you to ask me questions on Twitter. I enjoy a healthy debate and will respond to anyone who has a question about my ballot. You can find me on Twitter @WBALDash. I do not answer anything that involves profanity or general nonsense.

Here’s a look at my preseason All-American team as well as my preseason Top 25.

All-American Team

Cody Zeller – F – Indiana

Doug McDermott – F – Creighton

Jeff Withey – C – Kansas

Isaiah Canaan – G – Murray State

Michael Snaer – G – Florida State


Top 25

  1. Indiana
  2. N.C. State
  3. Louisville
  4. UCLA
  5. Kentucky
  6. Michigan State
  7. Michigan
  8. Kansas
  9. Arizona
  10.  North Carolina
  11.  Baylor
  12.  Missouri
  13.  Syracuse
  14.  Ohio State
  15.  San Diego State
  16.  Creighton
  17.  Duke
  18.  Wisconsin
  19.  Minnesota
  20.  Gonzaga
  21.  UNLV
  22.  Florida
  23.  Memphis
  24.  VCU
  25.  Miami (Florida)

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