Detroit’s Destiny?

Nothing works as a seductive elixir more than something we can’t classify.

You can call it destiny or fate or aura. I call it hope. It lives in fanbases of four Major League Baseball cities in mid-October.

The Detroit Tigers won and lost and then won again the first game of the League Championship Series after giving up two 2-run homers to the New York Yankees in a jaw-dropping ninth inning. It was the second time in six games that closer Jose Valverde gave up three or more runs in an inning during the postseason. Detroit only received credit for one victory early on Sunday morning after their Game One win in 12 innings. They also shifted the series. The Tigers knocked around the Yankees long relievers out of the bullpen, knocked out Derek Jeter from the playoffs and shut up a crowd more suited for a Broadway show than a baseball game. We weren’t sure the Tigers would even make the postseason a month ago as they battled the Chicago White Sox for the divisional title.

That’s how modern-day baseball works. With the extra wild card spot, you don’t have to be perfect during the regular season. You just need to skate into the wild card round of the playoffs. Both road teams won their wild card game. One wild card, defending champion St. Louis, remains in the playoffs. The Cardinals are currently tied with the San Francisco Giants in a tight League Championship Series.

Detroit now enters Game Three in their home ballpark with their best pitcher on the mound in the form of Justin Verlander and a chance to win their first World Series title since 1984.

Don’t take anything for granted in October. A base hit here and a lead-off walk there changes the wind direction of hope.

It’s fickle. It changes. And it makes this ride so entertaining.

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