Hey Bob

I talk with my younger brother Bob every day.

The 27-year-old youngest male of the Dachille family is the head coach of the women’s lacrosse team at Erskine College in Due West, South Carolina. He’s just starting on his amazing road in his life that will lead to a division one coaching job or something equally incredible in his career.

Bob and I talk about sports, family and life in general. We spend the better part of Saturday’s making inside jokes about college football. We watch pre-game shows on golf together. He is the only person in my life that can genuinely make me belly laugh at a drop of a hat.

That’s what makes the news about Torrey Smith and his 19-year-old brother Tevin even more devastating.

Tevin died in a motorcycle crash on Sunday morning.

Reports that are funneling in say that Torrey & Tevin were incredibly close and that’s what makes this tragic incident even more sad. Torrey now has a secondary decision to play in a football game on Sunday night. We probably won’t know until game time if he will suit up or not. It’s the biggest game of the season for Baltimore and it’s totally worthless in the grand scheme of things. It doesn’t matter and completely matters at the same time.

Life is so incredibly hard to understand at times. Call your brother or sister and enjoy the moment. My heart goes out to Torrey and his family.

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One Response

  1. Hi, Chris, You and Bob are fortunate to be so close…..he’s got a wonderful older brother. Your post is bittersweet….and poignant. I really like your sentence, “It doesn’t matter and completely matters at the same time.” Thank you for a really wonderful post. my best to you, B.

    Elizabeth Jackson


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