Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

One of my friends on Twitter the other day made the point that Baltimore is in first place in everything.

He lives in Boston, a town that’s somewhat used to winning as of late. Baltimore hasn’t won a professional championship since 2001 with the Ravens in Super Bowl 35.

We can claim Hasim Rahman, the professional boxer who beat Lennox Lewis during the time Lewis took acting more seriously than boxing. Rahman eventually flamed out against Lewis, Holyfield, Ruiz and got lost in the wilderness of the dreaded undercard for the rest of his career.

We can claim Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all-time. Phelps could smelt more gold than most industries. He’s got 18 gold medals, an Olympic size pool of prestige and the ability to just chill for the rest of his life. He’s still classified as an amateur. There’s not a professional swimming league in America. While no one knocks Michael’s achievements in the pool, he cannot claim a professional championship.

The Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens both can claim previous titles and have absolute real shots at the current one.

As of Thursday morning, the Baltimore Orioles opponents have outscored the club by 21 runs. Acting like the Honey Badger, the Orioles don’t care how they win the games. They just win. Baltimore has 80 wins on the season. Forgot just being happy with a winning season, this team could actually win 90 games this season and an American League East title.

The O’s show incredible balance at home or on the road. Baltimore is 9 games above .500 in both, sporting an incredible 39-30 road record in the toughest division in baseball. At some point you have to stop shaking your head and thinking its a fluke. This run, over a course of six months, has to add up at some point.

Meanwhile, across the street, the best team in the AFC decided to undress the Cincinnati Bengals in a spotlight game on Monday Night Football. Joe Flacco, Ed Reed and the usual collection of suspects seemingly didn’t miss a beat in the opener. Baltimore now relies on offense to win football games and defense to win baseball games.


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