Number Two

Take a look at the New York Yankees retired numbers between one and ten and try to not act impressed.

Every  number in the first ten – except for numbers two and six – are retired. Martin, Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Berra, Dickey, Maris and Rizzuto. (They retired the number eight twice – worn by both Berra and Dickey- during the same season in 1972.)

Derek Jeter will join the legends when he’s finished with the game in Monument Park. He’s number two on the field. You probably knew that already.

Jeter leads baseball in base hits this season. He doesn’t just lead the Yankees or the American League. He’s the hit king of all of Major League Baseball. He’s 38. Jeter’s knocked 167 base hits this season, eight more than suspended Melky Cabrera, and on pace to challenge his personal best season of 219 hits during his prime in 1999.

Jeter’s career accomplishments need more than one single-spaced college ruled piece of paper. He’s celebrated a World Series five times (honored as the MVP of the Series in 2000), made 13 All-Star squads (MVP again in 2000), won five Gold Glove awards, snagged Rookie of the Year in 1996 and has spent the better part of the decade as captain of the Yankees.

Still, his 2012 campaign seems more of a vice presidential run. Jeter’s not even making headlines on his team, which currently leads the American League East and likely will host a number of postseason games in October. In the same year that Roger Clemens attempts his hilarious minor league comeback, Jeter throws in a legit shot for league MVP – one of very few awards he’s never won.

That leaves the only number left available in the first ten numbers as number six. A number that the manager of Derek Jeter’s championship team wore in the dugout. Isn’t Joe Torre the perfect person to complete the puzzle?

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