She’s Not A Hero

Lolo Jones made me upset on a Wednesday morning.

The American hurdler in the 100-meters, who continues to find new ways to leave an Olympic Games without a medal, bared her soul on the “Today” program on Wednesday.

Jones finished fourth in the event and remained upset that the New York Times wrote a somewhat scathing profile on her that called the Olympian style over substance. Jones took issue with the Times, saying the paper should back every United States athlete. That’s fundamentally wrong. There’s no cheering in the press box. We may care who wins and loses like everyone else, but we shouldn’t write event recaps that favor anyone. You can watch the interview on and read the Times article here:

Jones didn’t read the article carefully enough to see that the Times didn’t call her the “Anna Kournikova of track,” the director of the International Centre for Olympic Studies at the University of Western Ontario did. Jones makes oodles of money with sponsors and has appeared in two ads as I’m typing this blog entry.

I feel sorry for Matthew Centrowitz, a seemingly great kid who doesn’t have nonstop ads, after he finished in fourth place in the 1500-meter race. He tweeted that it was tough and appreciated everyone’s support. That’s a class act. Using a popular show on a form of the media to blast another form of the media and going as far to say that’s why she didn’t medal is absurd.

It’s also very coy. Jones is a very open person – and that’s OK. She’s also quite smart in the way she plays the media to her advantage. Jones currently has eight sponsors, and likely will get more after these Games. She does not have an Olympic medal.

Lolo Jones is not a hero. She’s just not good enough – on or off the track.

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