Let the Games Begin

Let’s not hide it.

Every event you see in primetime at the Summer Olympics in London will not take place live. Common sense, as well as an understand of the international dateline, should take care of that. You can watch every event live on nbcolympics.com. Whether you watch an event live or on tape, that doesn’t eliminate any of the goosebumps and thrills you will feel and see over the next 17 days in London.

The collection of sports showcased in the Olympic Games are those we rarely watch on a weekly basis. I don’t know many folks who can’t wait to get home for the finals of the professional table tennis game of the week. I highly doubt that even exists.

When you watch the Opening Ceremonies tonight on WBAL (Coverage starts at 7:00 PM with the Olympic Zone), you will want to see Kobe Bryant, Missy Franklin and the usual suspects of stars that we will focus on for the next two weeks.

Look closer at the American team.

Look at Maryland Olympian Farrah Hall, a windsurfer who taught herself how to compete at an Olympic level. Farrah’s Mom told me that she wasn’t good enough a couple of years ago at international events. She got better. Much better. Now she’s 10 races away from a medal that’s not a longshot in the eyes of the best sailor in Annapolis. Her family and sponsors will join Farrah in London.

Look at Maryland Olympian Suzanne Stettinius, a 20-something athlete that can accomplish five things in her event. Modern Pentathlon involves shooting, running, swimming, riding and fencing. Suzanne told me she still gets nine hours of sleep every night. I assume she practices during the remaining 15. Her coach and a bunch of supporters will cheer on Suzanne at the Games. They have a ton of time to enjoy England. Stettinius doesn’t compete until the final day of the Games.

So many stories to tell over the next two and a half weeks. Let the Games begin!

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