This Game Rocks

Those who score the All-Star Game are true baseball fans.

Imagine how many double-switches and pitching changes occur in the mid-summer classic that puts baseball fans in two separate camps: those who enjoy the show and those who call it a farce. I can play both sides on this one – to an extent.

I love baseball. Everything about the sport adds up and you can absolutely replay the game while reading a box score. It makes sense. I’m not going to use vivid imagery to describe my love for the game. Vin Scully and a number of other folks are much better at that and I don’t want to step on their toes.

The All-Star Game should not influence home field advantage in the World Series. Aside from the commissioner of baseball and those who kiss up to Mr. Selig, no one likes this idea. Imagine if you finished the regular season with 120 wins and you lost home field advantage thanks to a result from an exhibition game. Yes, this kind of drastic overreaction had to happen after the downright goofy 7-7 tie at Mr. Selig’s ballpark in 2002.

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers and see that home field advantage in the World Series didn’t exactly play a part in any of the Fall Classics since the tie. The only game that went to seven games took place last season – and if Nelson Cruz makes that catch – we don’t even play a 7th game. But that’s baseball. And why I get paid for writing a blog like this.

The other sticking point that hovers around the All-Star Game like an impeding rain delay concerns the rule that every team needs to show representation and that fans vote in the starting lineup. Fans should have no say in the starting lineup. They prove this on a cyclical basis by voting for a guy who’s hitting under .250 (in both leagues). It’s a popularity contest and  the cool guy always beats the one that deserves to play. The best thing about the game is that it’s usually decided by true All-Stars in the late innings. It’s just like the World Series. You never know who the hero will become in the jewel of exhibition games.

We will see spectacular moments on Tuesday night that can never be recreated. It’s an incredible showcase that absolutely shines the spotlight on the best players in baseball.  Mock the game all you want. At least its not the Pro Bowl.

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  1. Well said! How about home field advantage to the team with the best record?

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