Turning Point Of A Dynasty

When your team starts an incredible win streak beyond the borders of your most far-fetched dreams, you flat-out can’t seem to accept the losses.

They come few and far between. But they are there. They confuse you. Audibly, you question the scoreboard. We can’t be losing. Can we?

South Carolina got bit by Arizona in Game One of the College World Series final on Sunday night in Omaha, Nebraska. Baseball’s biggest party doesn’t have the same number of eyeballs as college football or basketball, yet it seems to have more loyal fans.

“Tomorrow’s a new day,” Gamecocks center fielder Evan Marzilli said. “So we have to come out tomorrow and pretend like nothing ever happened and go out and hopefully get a win.”

Marzilli’s good at pretending. The Gamecocks closed one stadium and opened another with back-to-back wins as national champions. Now they want a third one.

Who said southern people weren’t greedy?

I’m a Gamecock. I lived on Greene Street in Columbia, South Carolina when the football team lost 21 straight games. I saw the student body rush the field when the Gamecocks won two home games to break the streak of non-winning. I’m part of the alumni that can’t believe my school won 11 football games last season. I’m wondering if we are actually on the map.

In the last two seasons, South Carolina swept the Series (UCLA in 2010, Florida in 2011). If they want to win this year, they will need the maximum number of three games in the final series.

Arizona, the first team into the College World Series, gets its shot to close out the potential dynasty on Monday night in Nebraska. Don’t give the Gamecocks another shot. They seem to thrive with those opportunities.

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