Supernatural Santana

Sometimes funny things happen on a Friday night.

Admit it. You cheered wildly when Johan Santana tossed the first no-hitter of the New York Mets. I did. I sat in my apartment and cheered and applauded and smiled. All this energy and excitement for a guy I’ve never met on a team I don’t follow in a ballpark I’ve never visited.

That is why I am a baseball fan.

Something magical can happen on any pitch on any night. June 1st was Santana’s night. He’s so smooth.

Santana tossed a no-hitter for the first time in 8,020 games for the New York Mets. He struck out eight, walked five and dodged a blown call that should have given the St. Louis Cardinals a base hit. Baseball is rarely a perfect game and breaks happen. After all, Santana was just going for the no-no and not for a perfect game.

There’s an unspoken code between baseball fans that relies heavily on numbers in a way that you almost try to out-dork the other baseball fan. Baseball gives those who trudge through the lengthy regular season these rare moments that are so pleasing in so many different ways.

You should never root against a magical moment in baseball. Do you know how hard it is to throw a no-hitter? One of the teams in the biggest markets in the world needed 51 years to throw its first. You don’t root against the guy getting the girl at the end of the movie, do you?

“Finally, the first one,” Santana said after the game. “That is the greatest feeling ever.”

The Mets play a day game against the Cardinals on Saturday. What do you do for an encore?

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