What If?

If practice does indeed make perfect, then I’ll Have Another will romp to victory on Saturday evening at Pimlico Race Course in the Preakness Stakes.

He’s been at the Stakes Barn area for the better part of two weeks now and every member of their team knows me as “the guy in the Dodgers hat.”

He’s either worked or walked every day at this place. If a home field advantage exists in this game – and a ton of people think it does – then Doug O’Neill and crew will be celebrating all the way to Elmont, New York for a chance at the Triple Crown.

If only it was that easy.

I’ll Have Another will battle Bodemeister and the rest on Saturday in the Preakness. Bodemeister outclassed everyone on track Thursday morning in workouts. Dwarfing longshot Cozetti, Bodemeister enters this race as the speed horse who could really end up winning the thing wire to wire. He’s the only rabbit in the race and one that’s not likely to fall apart late in the stretch drive. He will go off as the post-time favorite and absolutely should win this race on Saturday.

But that’s not how horse racing works.

What if Bodemeister gets tired after those stressful times at Churchill? What if I’ll Have Another really is the real deal? What if one of the other horses gets up to win this thing?

The answer comes in a little over two days.

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