Running On Empty

It’s a little more than three miles that starts on the main Pimlico track and ends in the infield. In between, we will zig and zag between neighborhoods surrounding the track. It’s the Preakness 5K run and it absolutely will show me how badly I need to get into shape.

My exercise pattern consists of three 30-minute walking sessions per week. I combine that with the complete opposite of a sensible diet. This explains getting to press box physique. I’ve yet to threaten 200 pounds, so I shouldn’t completely crush myself.

Saturday’s race will be my second career 5K run. In my first, held a handful of Thanksgiving’s ago, I finished in a time of “I don’t know.” All that I do know is that I crossed a finish line where someone lost their breakfast. And it wasn’t me. My young sister, a distance runner and one of the best on the East Coast, beat me by a solid twenty minutes. Maybe more. She’s really good.

I will likely tweet the entire morning (@WBALDash) on Twitter. Enjoy your Saturday morning by reading the adventures of a 33-year-old man who will lose to teens and elderly. Oh boy, this is a bad idea.

Follow Dash @WBALDash on Twitter for all things Preakness. And otherwise. 


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