Fall, Spring & Summer


The Derby winner still has the track all to himself.

You can go through three seasons of weather covering the second jewel of the Triple Crown.

The crux of the process appears comical if you didn’t do the exact same foxtrot every single day.

You wait by the barn for the horse. It’s usually frigid at that point. The horse comes out on the track to gallop or breeze or jog. By this time, the sun has made conditions appropriately muggy for the spring season. The horse walks back to the barn and they wash it down. After all of that, some humans talk.  On race day, when they break from the gate, it feels like a spa.

Doug O’Neill, trainer of the horse and full of coffee at an impromptu presser at 9:00 this morning, didn’t appear bombastic or ecstatic. The win from Louisville is a memory he will always have, but the business at hand seems to blare louder than a call to the post.

O’Neill looked all business (or as all business a man with a puffy coat and Louisville Cardinals hat can look) and took his time thinking through answers to questions on Thursday. There was very little spur-of-the-moment emotion. This was a thinking man’s presser.

It’s still a one-horse race at Pimlico. We have many furlongs to go.

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