The Race To Pimlico

NBC aired a three-hour pre-race show on Saturday for the Kentucky Derby that showcased a two-minute race.

I’ll Have Another took a wonderful run to clip Bodemeister in a thrilling run for the roses.

Then it decided to beat everyone to Baltimore.

The race to meet I’ll Have Another on Monday afternoon at Pimlico Race Course looked like the rundown for the Derby. We waited for hours and eventually saw a majestic horse and talked with an assistant trainer.

I asked my photographer to make sure and get the horse. She asked which horse. I said that it’s the horse wearing roses. Flustered for a second, she asked if they really rode with the flowers. In other words, I have a blast at my job.

The questions were obvious. The answers sounded prepared. (And they likely were. We were talking to an assistant trainer, a dead-tired 27-year-old gracious gentleman with a British accent.)

Nothing in the week and a half that lead up to the running of the Preakness Stakes will act like a Doc Emrick hockey call. It’s a slow and steady pace that ends in an absolute mad rush next Saturday.

Here’s a picture. I’ll be here all week.



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