Something Magic Happened

In the 10th inning of the 10th game of the season, Matt Wieters scored the 10th run for the Baltimore Orioles against the Chicago White Sox on Monday night. The Orioles won their 6th game of the season with a six run victory over the White Sox in the first game of the series.

And you gave up. Admit it. You changed the channel to the hockey game or “Smash” or watched “Mad Men” again. Or you outsmarted all of us and actually went to sleep on time and waited for the highlights on Tuesday morning.

This April hope that blossoms every year for this baseball team flat-out exploded on a cold night in the wrong side of Chicago.

Baltimore leads the American League East – and not just in errors. The improbable comeback against the White Sox represents a small but important sliver of optimism in a city without much orange left in it. The Orioles have a winning record on the road, an overall record over .500 and a sudden sense of relevance in this town.

Can the Orioles continue their run against the backdrop of the NFL’s most important event next week? Think about it. You have an actual game in baseball competing with an event in which a man reads a name off of a card. Often, the NFL Draft wins. How ridiculous is that?

Ten games down. 152 to go.

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  1. I’m the sleep-deprived fan that stays up even when the game finishes after midnight. Believe me, I noticed the magic in the win last night. Let’s see what happens in the next 10 games.

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