Pool Rules

It looks daunting.

Think of the NCAA Tournament office pool as an adult SAT exam. In this case, you don’t land in Harvard or Vanderbilt or West Kentucky. You just pick them. Simple as that, right?

The office pool brings together people you see on a daily basis and some folks that you swear don’t even work in the same zip code. An outsider almost always wins the pool and we go through the same dance on this incredibly fun rinse cycle of life on a yearly basis.

You pretty much have to participate in the office pool or you are criticized for not being a team player. (Or feel left out of the fun.) Guilt is a major factor in most of the entries in the NCAA pool. I should know. I’ve run a pool for almost two decades. I’ve won the pool once – in the first year. I think I pocketed a little under $50. Since the first year of the pool, it’s grown to a fairly nice jackpot.

I always enjoy the Thursday morning rush of selections into the pool. About 50 people are either forced into or flat-out forgot until that morning to get their picks into me. My favorite part of the pool is absolutely when the first game tips off.

It’s pure madness for the commissioner of an office pool until tip time on Thursday.

Then we get to enjoy the games. Until the first upset of the weekend.

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