You Are A Ravens Fan

You truck through a 4th of July picnic, limp through an average vacation in August and even watch the second half of every preseason game.

You do it every season. You wait for minutes like this.

You watch it come down to one drop. You lose you mind when that’s followed up with a missed kick. You are left with one case of insanely devastating frostbite that they haven’t found an over the counter remedy for your discomfort.

You are a Ravens fan. You dyed your hair purple (and maybe that wasn’t the best idea). You have a collection of beads that makes you look like you just got back from Mardi Gras. You just enjoy the team on a Sunday afternoon with some beverages and friends. You are going through a frenzied twelve-step program that seemingly has no end in sight. You don’t want to watch a second of the Super Bowl, a goal you were thirty seconds away of accomplishing on a cold day in New England.

You got Tom Brady, a man who should be in the Hall of Fame right now, to admit that he sucked against your defense. You know he did.  You saw Brady have a rushing touchdown, the score that put New England in Indianapolis, but he couldn’t solve the riddle that Chuck Pagano threw at him. You witnessed Brady looking rattled at times on a game plan that showcased the Patriots run.

You were on the doorstep of another trip to the Super Bowl. You can put up with the fans who hop along the bandwagon every postseason. You know these people, they are the folks who don’t know a fumble from a first down. You know they are good-natured fans, but you don’t want to hear that Billy Cundiff tried real hard when he missed a chip shot for a college kicker. You don’t want to hear people scream touchdown when the back judge signals incomplete to a journeyman wide receiver who can’t come up with a sure touchdown. You certainly don’t want to hear someone pointing fingers at Cam Cameron or Joe Flacco.

You know football is a game of chance. You know the Ravens were in the best position they’ve been under John Harbaugh to make the most important game of the season. You know they blew it.

You already can’t wait for next season.

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  1. Well said Chris, well said.

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