Two Is Better Than One

Zero touchdowns. Zero field goal attempts. Zero turnovers created. Zero hope.

The number one team in the country entered a neutral site game in its home state and couldn’t score one point.

In 35 bowl games this postseason, every team scored at least ten points.

Every team except for the LSU Tigers.

“We couldn’t sustain any consistency,” LSU head coach Les Miles said after the 21-0 dismantling on Monday night. “The calls became much more difficult.”

Miles and his team did one of two things as conference play dragged into bowl season: they didn’t practice hard or they didn’t take Alabama seriously. One way or the other, the Crimson Tide put on an impressive show of defensive pride and incredible determination.

They weren’t going to lose on Monday night.

“The whole defense is the MVP,” Courtney Upshaw (the defensive MVP of the BCS National Championship game) said. “The whole defense. Roll Tide, baby. Roll Tide!”

In my job, you aren’t supposed to root for a team. My job is to provide the viewer or reader with factual information and let them decide what to think of the game. Monday night was personal. I said to anyone who would listen that this LSU team was the most enjoyable, exciting and fantastic football team I’ve had the pleasure of watching in my entire life. I’m 32 years old and I’ve watched a lifetime worth of football. The Tigers gameplay made me smile during the game. For the first 13 games of the season, LSU couldn’t make a mistake. And if they did, they would pounce on it and make you forget about it. There were that good.

That’s all washed away after a dull, listless and pathetic performance against a quality team like the Crimson Tide in the Superdome. LSU knew they were beat in the third quarter. That’s why Miles didn’t go to Jarrett Lee to replace the highly ineffective Jordan Jefferson. Sometimes, the game moves too quickly and you get lost in it. You stand stunned on the sideline and can’t believe you have no shot to take home another crystal ball.

Sometimes, the other team is just too damn good.

Get ready for the rematch on Wednesday night in college basketball in Tuscaloosa. Let’s see if LSU can score a point.

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