A Long December

The next seven days will seem like an eternity if you wear purple glasses and fear any sort of road trip.

The Baltimore Ravens can’t lose at home. On the road, you can’t figure them out. Baltimore has lost to Tennessee, Jacksonville, Seattle and San Diego on the road. They’ve looked terrible in all of those games. At home, they just find ways to win.

“I have never been perfect at home in 16 years of football. That’s amazing,” Ray Lewis said after the 20-14 win on Saturday. “As good of teams we’ve had here, we’ve always found (a way) to lose one or two here or there. I think this year we really made a focus on taking care at home. This is the result, us being able to go 8-0 and being able to be sitting where you want to sit at the end of the day.”

But where’s the focus on the road? It’s interesting – and not ironic – that a road test against a potential playoff team in Cincinnati on Sunday could give the Ravens a week off and the possibility of a number one seed and two home playoff games. If the Ravens beat Cincinnati, they are guaranteed a home playoff game and at least a two seed. Baltimore would need New England to lose against Buffalo for the road to Indianapolis to go through M&T Bank Stadium.

“We are at our best when we are at (home) and our fans are rocking. So we definitely need a home playoff game, by any means necessary,” Terrell Suggs exclaimed after the game on Christmas Eve.

So the Ravens have it all in front of them. Again. A chance for a week off. A shot at a home playoff game. A great chance of making the Super Bowl.

They just have to win on the road.

Buckle up.

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