Thank You Fielding Yost

Stop whatever you are doing and click on this link ( It’s only four minutes and it’s amazing. Bob Ufer, the legendary play-by-play voice of the Michigan Wolverines calls Anthony Carter’s game-winning touchdown against Indiana in 1979. It’s the best radio call you will ever hear in your entire life. I’ve heard it twice today and hundreds of times in my life and I smile every time I hear it. It encompasses what college football means to me and millions of other fans and why this sport can still be magical.


In a perfect world, Saturday would just be the first of two games played by the University of Michigan and Ohio State University this season in football.

The Big Ten’s inaugural championship game featured the potential of the Wolverines and Buckeyes facing each other to decide the champion of the Leaders and Legends divisions.

It won’t happen. Michigan State beat a very one-dimensional Michigan team and Ohio State hasn’t found themselves this season. If you want to win a championship in anything, you better figure out your team by late November.

The game of the season is no longer the game of the weekend. The mighty Michigan-Ohio State rivalry that captivated the country in spurts appears as a mere blip on the landscape this week. Arkansas travels to LSU in a match-up of the top three teams in not only the SEC’s West Division, but the top three teams in the BCS Standings.

Even the coaches haven’t developed any sense of “big game feel” to the 12th game of the season for both teams. Ohio State’s coach looks like he belongs on the team while Michigan’s coach looks perpetually confused. Brady and Luke are not Bo and Woody. No duo can fill those shoes.

The most interesting leaping off point for the 2011 game between the Maze and Blue and the Scarlet and Gray? No one won the game last season. As part of Ohio State’s sanctions for improper player benefits, the school vacated all wins from 2010 season. This includes the game against Michigan.

Always remember that a magical moment can happen in football. This rings true for the best rivalry in sports when Michigan and Ohio State play a football game on Saturday at noon.

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