Gael Force Win

Let’s pretend you are already seated in coach class for a cross-country flight. On the way down the aisle, the final two people board the plane. It’s a full flight and you know you won’t be lucky enough to have an empty seat.

You have two options as both folks creep closer to the seat: a person with a half-eaten Cinnabon, 2 carry-on items and five magazines. That person has already angered the flight attendant and bumped into a pair of passengers. The other person is incredibly attractive.

Guess which person sits next to you on the plane.

The 2 AM game between St. Mary’s and Northern Iowa looked as ugly as Emma Stone as a blonde. St. Mary’s is one of my favorite teams to watch because they usually toss-up the basketball from absolutely crazy parts of the court. It didn’t happen on Tuesday night. The Gaels only shot 40% in a 57-41 win over a Northern Iowa team that needs to learn how to dribble.

The former giant killers of Kansas in the NCAA Tournament a couple of years ago were just outcoached and outclassed in California in a late start for a team from the midwest. Northern Iowa wanted to make this a sloppy game that broke on solid defensive play. Well, they were sloppy all right. The Panthers committed 15 turnovers on Tuesday.

Let’s not crown St. Mary’s either. The Gaels blew a number of fast-break attempts and looked very lax in an early season game. St. Mary’s did break open the game around the midpoint of the second half for a comfortable win.

Northern Iowa finished with 41 points. I doubt the low temperature came close to that in any part of the state of Iowa on Tuesday.

Up next: Cal State Northridge vs. Hawaii in maybe the least anticipated game of the marathon.


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