Charleston. Not Known For Basketball.

Charleston, South Carolina is the most beautiful city on earth. This comes from a guy who has visited this perfect town twice in his life. Every single place in the city looks like a postcard. If you are in television, you could shoot what we call a bump shot (one of those long beauty shots) in any direction of Charleston. I flat-out love the city.

That’s about all the love I will give to the 8 AM tip of the Morehead State – College of Charleston matchup. The atmosphere inside TD Arena reminded me of a wake. Students are reading textbooks during TV timeouts. There’s absolutely zero energy in the arena and this game absolutely acts as a filler before the “quality games” start on ESPN at noon.

That being said, it’s fun to see a bunch of three-pointers at 9 in the morning. College of Charleston’s base offense runs from the perimeter while Morehead needed to start chucking up threes as they trailed by double digits throughout most of the game.

This is the first time watching the marathon that the players actually look affected by the early start time. It’s early in the season, but there are just a tremendous amount of poor decisions being made by players who look slow and confused as to why they are playing a basketball game at such an early time. Neither Drexel or Rider gave off that feel in a fast-paced game that took place at 6 AM.

Jordan Scott’s 22 helped the Cougars beat the Eagles in a game that featured only 30 turnovers, which is surprising if you saw the game.

Next up: Sean McDonough & Bill Raftery in Morgantown with Kent State and West Virginia.




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