Game 6 (The One Boston Won)

The game lasted one minute over four hours and still holds up 36 years later.

Boston’s Carlton Fisk, a catcher who hit for average with some pop in his bat, ended the best baseball game ever played in the 12th inning with a home run.

“If it stays fair, home run.”

I can still hear the call of a young Dick Stockton on the mic as the Red Sox evened the series with the Cincinnati Reds.

I was born four years later, but still hold on to that game as to why I continue to fall in love with the game of baseball.

The Red Sox needed a miracle homer from Bernie Carbo, a journeyman who basically admitted he was coked out of his mind, in the 8th inning to tie the powerful Cincinnati Reds.

Both teams traded historic, mind-blowing double plays that live on in Cooperstown. The game kept getting better. This never happens in sports.

Pete Rose, during his at-bat in extra innings, said to Fisk that they were playing in the greatest game in the history of baseball. Imagine how that feels. Imagine playing on the biggest stage and enjoying the moment so much that you completely and totally realize the historic significance.

Fisk then belted the game-winner to lead off the 12th. John Kiley, the organist at Fenway Park, belted out Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” as the catcher sprinted around the bases.

Boston lost the series the next night at home to Cincinnati. The Curse was still in full swing in 1975. In a weird way, Fisk won the Series the night before.

He made baseball relevant again.

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