How A Loss Becomes A Win

There’s nothing the casual fan loves more than a loss.

Follow me on this one.

Listening to the WBAL post game radio show on my way home from a 12-7 Jacksonville win over the Ravens on Monday Night Football, you would have thought the city collectively lost its favorite animal. It’s the rare mix of rage, sadness and confusion.

“Cam Cameron needs to be canned.”

“Flacco needs to make better decisions.”

“This isn’t one of the better teams in pro football.”

Apply. Rinse. Repeat.

The reality of the situation puts the Ravens at 4-2 on the season. That’s a record any Baltimore football fan would gladly take in August. Are these peculiar losses on the road to AFC South teams in Tennessee and Jacksonville? Absolutely. Does it break a season in which the motto seems to act as “make the Super Bowl or else?” Nope.

Joe Flacco actually passed for more yards than Blaine Gabbert on Monday night. The Ravens and Jags both were equally effective on third down. Jacksonville was penalized five more yards than Baltimore.  That game, as putrid as it was to watch, was actually a lot closer than people think.

Baltimore played flat offensively for 50 minutes and only lost by a possession. In the long run, a 5-point loss than felt like a punch to the gut could blossom into a 5-game winning streak. Sometimes you need to experience failure before you enjoy success. The NFL season lasts over 17 long and confounding weeks.

Sports and life share a common bond of unpredictability. That’s why they are so interesting.

We haven’t reached the halfway point in the NFL season just yet. It’s about to get more exciting. Who wants to stay on the roller coaster ride?

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  1. Excellent analogies — thanks for putting it all in perspective. There is no denying that we Baltimoreans take football very, very seriously and find ourselves utterly confounded at the end of a disappointing game.

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