Why Does Jacksonville Get A Monday Night Game?

EverBank Field will look like a primary election for this week’s episode of Monday Night Football. Only a very small sample size of the country will care with the majority of those people living in or rooting for the Baltimore Ravens.

Why does a franchise still exist in Jacksonville?

The football team that started off hot as a firecracker now fizzles into a murky mix of mediocrity and malaise.

The Jaguars made the AFC Championship Game twice in the first five years as an organization. Jacksonville made the playoffs four times overall in this five-year span. That’s an incredible level of short-term success that a majority of franchises can’t come close to that level of achievement.

Since 2000, the Jags haven’t won their division. They’ve made the playoffs twice and only won one of those games.

Oh, and no one comes to the ever-changing name of their home stadium. More people show up for the largest cocktail party in the world (Georgia v. Florida) in college football than any game this professional football team plays on any given Sunday.

It’s never good when the commissioner of the NFL has to address why tarp acts as the main color of your ballpark.

“Wayne (Weaver, Jacksonville’s owner) has been very aggressive in working with the business community, and we will support him in any way,” Roger Goodell said. “We know there are millions of fans in north Florida that want to continue to see the Jaguars play the great football that they did this year, and we will support that and hopefully we’ll see better results going forward.”

This quote came after an 8-8 season. I didn’t know that .500 in the NFL was “great football.” Then again, no one saw it.

Jacksonville isn’t the least attended stadium in the league. It just looks that way. Jacksonville hasn’t cracked the top 20 in attendance over the last five full seasons.

Baltimore flies into town with a 4-1 record and an impressive road favorite for a game not many will watch outside of the state of Maryland. For the Ravens, it’s a pit stop towards a playoff push. For the Jags, it’s business as usual. A poor football team that might move to Los Angeles.

I’d rather watch the World Series.

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One Response

  1. As soon as I saw this post I immediately thought: maybe someone has an answer to this question, because it makes no sense to me either.

    Makes about much sense as the interminable wait for a team after the Colts (and the NFL) abandoned Baltimore …

    Sometimes all you can do is shake your head.

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