Written In The Stars

You’d have to think even Alec Baldwin worries about A.J. Burnett getting the ball for Game Four of the American League Division Series between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers.

His overall record as a Yankee is below .500 (34-35) in his three seasons in the Bronx. His ERA could buy you an extra value meal. If the pitcher acts as the most important player on the field in a baseball game, Burnett personifies the flawed main character in every Jeff Bridges movie you’ve ever seen.

Burnett may hear more cheers than boos on Tuesday night at Comerica Park. Detroit enters the potential elimination game in the catbird seat with a 2-1 series advantage and a home crowd ready to explode into the League Championship Series.

“Trust me, they’re not going to go away,” Tigers manager Jim Leyland said after Detroit’s 5-4 win in Game Three. “We’ve put ourselves in a decent position, but we’ve still got more to accomplish. So this is a long way from being over.”

It’s really not.  Detroit just needs to win just one more game.

“People are entitled to their opinion. Obviously, I give them reasons here and there to doubt,” Burnett said before Game Three. “The bottom line is I have confidence in myself. My teammates have confidence in me.”

I’m sure Yankee fans have little to no confidence in the $82.5 million pitcher who would turn his entire career around with a classic postseason start. No pressure.

In the year of “Moneyball,” markets like New York, Dallas and Philadelphia could leave the playoffs before the story even starts.

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  1. Detroit has great fans and a great park to showcase this game. Go Tigers!

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