According to Wikipedia, the Boston Red Sox are a professional baseball team.

Fooled me.

Leading by nine games in early September in the wild card chase, the Red Sox are now in a virtual tie with the Tampa Bay Rays in the penultimate day of baseball’s regular season.

It’s not a collapse until someone catches you. Tampa did just that on Monday night. Now the Red Sox must hold on.

To make the postseason, Boston must win a game. That sounds easy in baseball. Then again, this team has only won six games this month. It’s the 28th day of September. They play almost every day.

The team that fell in love with naming a curse after losing could start a new trend in 2011.

In the last month, the Boston Red Sox couldn’t buy a win, had a media member harass one of the starting pitchers and couldn’t get Billy Beane on board as the general manager. (OK, the last one happened in 2003. But they put it at the end of “Moneyball,” which was released last week. So there.)

Boston seemingly loves losing more than winning.  When the Red Sox broke the curse in 2004, the general consensus inside Red Sox Nation was shock. That’s not exactly a winner’s mentality. Boston followed it up with another World Series championship in 2007.

Right now, on this Tuesday afternoon, it all seems so meaningless. Baseball seasons are measured on a whole. The games in April count as much as the games in September. Boston didn’t start off the season well and looks like they will repeat that act in the most critical stretch of the season.

It always fascinates me that a 162 game season can sometimes come down to the final day. Thanks to the relatively new wild card, we have exciting finishes in baseball this season. Atlanta currently holds a slim one game lead over St. Louis for the National League wild card.

No lead is safe when the Boston Red Sox are involved.

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  1. Well said!

    And it is so much fun to beat them and be a spoiler ….

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