The first round of college football’s current playoff structure starts this Saturday night in Atlanta between Oregon and LSU.

Welcome to week one of the incredibly short and always entertaining college football season. It’s the only thing that matters this weekend. That’s not just in Baltimore, but any other city in the country. College football has never been more popular. Ask any TV executive who watches his sales department charge exorbitant amounts of money to enjoy the privilege of hawking its product.

College football, with all of its beauty and all of its warts, returns to take us from summer through autumn to winter. Nothing rivals a Saturday afternoon with quality football games dotting the landscape. Thanks to the new BCS system, more coaches are playing quality opponents out of conference. More, not all. Alabama takes on Whoever State. Georgia Tech scored 63 points last night. These things will always happen.

It’s been an awful off-season for a sport I truly love. Jim Tressel lost a sweater vest in Columbus, Al Golden entered a Hurricane, multiple arrests make for easy fodder on and queasy stomachs for the rest of us.

We could focus on the negative, but that’s too easy. Let’s just dot the “I” and pray for the best.

It’s a long season. Let’s hope it’s a dandy.

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  1. Is TCU really that bad? They’re gonna be #winning in the Big East next year. Speaking of, forget Pac 12,16,20… let’s just take every team west of Texas and put them in the Western Conference and every team to the east in the Eastern Conference and create a 156-team tournament. By New Year’s day we’d have a National Champion. Go Panthers! Chris, who do you like in the World Series? I know you don’t pick a team until game two of the NLCS (like you did when the Giants last year midway through the playoffs….

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