Prime Game

It’s late August and the New York Yankees are in a pennant race. Sort of.

Lingering two games behind the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees would need a collapse that rivals Jean Van de Velde to miss out on the postseason this year. Either the Sox or Yanks have all but locked up the wild card.

The opponent in Monday’s game almost seems like an afterthought, especially if you show up 90 minutes before first pitch when they open the gates.

A steady stream of Yankees fans filled the Oriole Park concourse. Some wore pinstripes, even though the team never does on the road. Even the press box is crowded with New York beat writers. Trust me, I can tell the folks from out-of-town.

It’s an incredible sight to see both dugouts mobbed by fans of the visitor.

I haven’t been to an Orioles game in about three months. This dance is turning into a Dashboard Confessional song. The city of Baltimore shows a mother’s love for the team for two weeks or so and then reality enters the picture. An error here, a passed ball there and we count the days until the football team starts preseason.

It’s getting harder to swallow after the events last week. Baltimore played its best baseball of the season in one of the darker stretches in the history of the organization. It’s one time when the absolutely logical game of baseball made no sense at all.

Regardless of whatever happens off of the field, they play all 162 games on the field for most major league teams. Some even get to play in October.

Wonder if the Orioles know that.

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