Keystone Kings

The dream team from Pennsylvania doesn’t play its home games at Citizens Bank Park or Lincoln Financial Field.

It lives in the middle of the Keystone state, made up of pre-teens you and I have never heard of before this week.

They are the Little League World Series team from the Mid-Atlantic region. These kids from Clinton County, 35 miles away from the site of the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, are transfixing a state during the dog days of August.

More than 28,000 fans showed up for all of Pennsylvania’s games during the team’s magical run for a Little League crown. Attendance clicked over 40,000 over the weekend –  for a Little League game! Only three teams in the majors outdrew what the Mid-Atlantic representative is doing in a tiny town in Pennsylvania.

The kids from Pennsylvania have implemented the 10-run mercy rule and tossed a no-hitter – in the same game. They beat the kids from Georgia on Tuesday night in one of the most enjoyable games of the tournament. It’s an incredible ride for a group of kids who need haircuts and sport braces.

Imagine thousands of people cheering for you in anything. These guys are rocks stars in their home state.

No team has ever won the Little League World Series after they lost the first game of round robin play. Then again, we just had a major earthquake on the East Coast.

Impossible things are happening every day.

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