Golden Scheme

The tweet was simple.

“Poor Al Golden.”

Even a sportscaster in Raleigh knows how much trouble Golden will encounter at the University of Miami.

“Until we hear of an infraction or that we did break a rule, everybody is practicing,” the first year coach said on Wednesday morning. “If it is determined that somebody broke rules, then certainly that will be first dealt with from a university standpoint, from an eligibility standpoint.”

He hasn’t coached a game yet. The odds of making it to opening day in College Park against Maryland with a full roster look as cloudy as the current line for that game. The Vegas casinos took it off the board on Wednesday morning.

Miami is a bad bet right now.

Just ask Nevin Shapiro. Actually, don’t. And hide your wallet if you ever see him.

Shapiro’s currently in prison for 20 years. He’s the genius who orchestrated an epic Ponzi scheme. Oh, and he gave gifts to players. That’ll kill you with the NCAA.

Former Miami running back Tyrone  Moss told Yahoo! Sports that he took a grand from Shapiro when he became enrolled in Coral Gables. Think of it as a signing bonus in a sport that continues to expose its shady side.

“Hell yeah, I recruited a lot of kids for Miami. With access to the clubs, access to the strip joints. My house. My boat. We’re talking about high school football players. Not anybody can just get into the clubs or strip joints. Who is going to pay for it and make it happen? That was me,” Shapiro boasted.

Maybe college sports were this dirty before places like Yahoo! Sports started to stick its nose into the business of ruining colleges and universities. But that’s the right of the press – to expose the corruption and flat our blatant cheating of programs.

It just didn’t have to happen to Al Golden. Here’s one of America’s great young coaches who may land flat on his face. This man took Temple and made them winners. Not in basketball, in football.

It’s not a golden time in Miami. The Hurricanes will play the Ohio State Buckeyes this September in a match-up of two schools with huge issues with the NCAA.

Remember when college football was fun?

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