Lucky & Good

It was just fun.

No Phil. No Tiger. No Rory.

No one we’ve ever heard of, really.

Keegan Bradley won a major championship at Atlanta Athletic Club on Sunday evening. Haven’t heard of him? It’s probably because it was Keegan’s first major. In his career. And he won it.

“It feels unbelievable,” he said after he lifted the Wanamaker Trophy. “It seems like a dream and I’m afraid I’m going to wake up here in the next five minutes and it’s not going to be real.”

Bradley’s dream looked like a nightmare on the 15th hole. The youngster chipped it into the drink and splashed away glory’s first shot. Bradley carded a triple bogey six on the par-3 and fell five shots back of the leader.

Jason Dufner, who now becomes the worst player never to have won a major, saw it all unfold from the tee box on 15. He saw Bradley play like Mrs. Haverkamp from “Caddyshack.” He knew he had a five shot lead with just four holes to play.

Called the most difficult stretch of any major, Dufner excelled in the final four at AAC. He played 3-under golf his first three days in the teeth of the golf course. He mastered the most difficult part of the best field of the year.

And then it happened. Jason Dufner remembered that he can’t win a major.

Dufner rinsed one at 15. Bogey.

Bradley made an 8-footer at 16. Birdie.

Dufner couldn’t get up and down at 16. Bogey.

Bradley’s tour of the 17th green ended up a 1-putt that got him to within one shot of the lead. Birdie.

Dufner three-banged it on 17. Bogey.

At this point, I felt sorry for those who weren’t watching. The greatest reality show was unfolding in a major championship and no one seemed to care. I asked my Twitter followers if they’ve ever seen a collapse like this. No responses. Bummer.

Keegan went on to win the PGA Championship in a playoff.

Jason actually made a birdie on 18 in the playoff. He lost by one. His final shot of the week leaves him feeling bittersweet.

Bradley will likely win Rookie of the Year honors on the PGA Tour. No rook can top winning a major. He may even go on to win the FedEx Cup. Keegan will never forget that crazy two-hour period in Atlanta where he lost and won the final major of the season.

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