Christmas In July

On a Monday morning in July, we filled our Sunday afternoons in the fall.

They will play professional football in 2011.

The only casualty of the nearly five month lockout comes in Canton, Ohio where they cancelled the Hall Of Fame game. This angers a handful of folks: avid gamblers, Bears and Rams fans and NBC affiliates. No one else cares.

Preseason will start on August 11th. All will be forgiven by the middle of September.

The NFL is too big to fail.

Fans hated baseball and basketball when they came back after work stoppages. Hockey effectively killed its growing fan base and put itself in the penalty box. Only football can thrive after ticking so many people off for nearly five months.

As quickly as a pass interference flag helps a team, we all flock back to the NFL. There is reason to celebrate. But let’s not forget that we were upset that greed almost ruined the most important sport in America.

In the end, everything remained the same. We will have training camps. We will have preseason football. Even Brett Favre will show up in the headlines.

Football is back. Merry Christmas.

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  1. Well said Mr. Dachille. What a relief!

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