Do You Know The Enemy?

Why do you hate him?

It’s because he wants to win. Like I would. Like you would. Like anyone would.

Tell me you want to be average and not great.

The chosen one made “The Decision” to take his talents to a team that went off nearly as a pick ’em to win the NBA Finals last July. The amount of hype surrounding the 2010-11 model of the “Big Three” can only be rivaled by the release of “Super 8.”

LeBron James changed more than just his uniform number when he took his talents to South Beach. Perception of the King changed in the move. People suddenly turned against him. Wouldn’t you want to leave Cleveland?

“I loved him when he was in Cleveland, but he turned his back on that city,” a Twitter follower told me. “And now karma’s coming back to him.”

Flash forward to the present. James and his Heat find themselves in the middle of a furnace.The Dallas Mavericks lead the NBA Finals three games to two and are on the precipice of a visit with Larry O’Brien’s trophy. If the Mavs want to walk away with the trophy, they’ll have to beat James in his summer home of Miami on either Sunday or Tuesday night.

I don’t see it happening.

Even though James and I finished with the same level of clutch in Game Five, LeBron did tally a triple-double in a NBA Finals game. That’s not exactly terrible. It’s not over.

Sometimes life gives you a sixth chance.

Don’t hate.

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2 Responses

  1. Young man, you are misguided. People don’t hate him for wanting to win (you don’t play professional sports if you don’t want to win) or for leaving Cleveland. It’s the way he did it. And you can’t argue that. When someone who hasn’t won a damn thing a) calls himself the King, b) makes an entire city the butt of a joke, c) isn’t being honest about his intentions — then you, me, Jay Cotrell, my uncle Bob, anyone, can indeed hate him. He walks around thinking he’s earned more than Magic, Bird, Jordan, Kobe, Shaq, The Celtics and so on… but he hasn’t won anything. It’s those winners: Magic, Bird, Jordan, ect. who should be walking around and acting that way… yet none do. Why? ‘Cause they’re winners! Finally, Chris… it all comes down to this: Duh, winning.

  2. A lot of people “didn’t see it happening” for the 3 games that Dallas won! Just keep underestimating the Mavs, they don’t mind!

    No one hates LeBron for leaving Cleveland, we can understand. We don’t like him because of the hype that was generated by him for his decision, like he is royalty. In the big picture, he’s no more important in life that the rest of us! The buildup got nauseating and turned us off. He’s a great player, but I, like many others, don’t like him!

    The continued worship that the Evil 3 get from the media is sickening! It’ll be sweet if Dallas wins it all! But, the games still have to be played and either team can win it. But, I know lots of people in this country will collectively throw up if the Heat come back and win it all!

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