They Could Have Had It All

Even Adele knows there’s a fire starting in the NBA Finals.

The objects of massive amounts of venom and jealously — the Miami Heat — are walking the walk.

Miami currently leads the race for Larry O’Brien’s championship trophy, taking home court advantage back on Sunday night in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Two key statistics shaped the first pendulum game of the series. The Dallas Mavericks never led in the fourth quarter and Dirk Nowitzki scored all of the Mavericks points in the last 5:35 of the game. Nowitzki’s scored the most points in all three of the games (except for Wade’s crowd pleasing solo in Game 2) and looks like the front-runner for the Most Valuable Player award.

Yes, they can give the MVP to someone on the losing team.

Dallas needs another shooter other than the tall guy who can’t miss. Taking Nowitzki out of the equation, the Mavericks shot 34% against the Heat — and still only lost by a bucket.

The series isn’t over. The confetti didn’t fall from any arena with American Airlines as the title sponsor. There’s still time left for the Mavericks to win the series.

It’s a shame they won’t.

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2 Responses

  1. Dallas also needs to quit kicking the ball out for 3-point shots so many times they run up the floor! Drive the ball in, especially towards Bosh – who stinks on defense, and get the easy shot or get the foul trying.

    The series isn’t over and anything can happen. But, right now, the Evil 3 and the Heat have the advantage.

  2. So i’m coming from Germany so we are extremely proud of Dirk Nowotzki. A German is a super star in the inimitable basketball league in the world. We are now pleased how the Us citizens celebrate “our” Dirk. This is probably much less well recognized in the us.

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