Kegasus Redux

You don’t expect to cover much news on a Preakness Monday.

I guess that’s why I spent the morning talking to a man dressed as a horse.


Kegasus, son of Preaknesses & Shelly

Kegasus, Lord of InfieldFest, showed up promptly at 10:30 AM on Monday morning to meet the 15 or so media members curious enough to see a talking horse. Or whatever he is.

Dressing in a saddle cloth with his name on it as if he will run in the Preakness and rolling around with wheels on the back of his horse costume, Kegasus plays his role perfectly.

He’s fun. He enjoys the character. And he’s really good at Improv.

Kegasus continues to claim he’s won each and every 137 Preakness Stakes, which is odd. Mostly because they’ve only run 135. (The 136th running is Saturday.) Although his facts may be off, Kegasus is a very likable sort who preaches a fun and responsible time.

“Being legendary involves responsibility,” Kegasus said.

It’s a terrific idea by the Maryland Jockey Club. There’s a definite buzz surrounding this ad campaign and this will help attendance. Plus, it got all of the local media out to do a story on them. That counts for something.

There was one piece of news that came out of the interesting morning gathering. Kegasus informed us that the Mug Club, basically an all-you-can-drink event, will have twice as many taps, twice as many servers and larger cups.

Kegasus also made his Preakness pick. He likes Animal Kingdom with a box exacta for Mucho Macho Man.

Any joke works there.

The rest of the horses, without wheels or voices, arrive on Wednesday.

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