Cleveland Rocks

It’s been a weird month for sports.

A South African no one knows won golf’s most prestigious tournament. The number one seed in the NBA’s Western Conference lost in six games in the first round of the playoffs. The Baltimore Ravens acted like a gaggle of teenagers at the NFL Draft, missing their spot in the first round and ending up with egg on their face (along with a bunch of guys named Smith).  The Boston Bruins won six playoff hockey games. In four of those games, the Bruins lit the lamp in overtime.

Oh, and the Cleveland Indians are the best team in baseball.

Quick, name a member of Cleveland’s baseball team. And Charlie Sheen doesn’t count.

Asdrubal Cabrera and Carlos Santana lead the team with five homers in the first full month of the season. If you aren’t a daily viewer of “Baseball Tonight” or own a fantasy baseball team, I’m certain you have no idea who those fellas are who are taking over the American League.

The Indians are doing it with smallball. They are fourth in baseball in batting average, third in runs and second in on-base percentage. It’s not a fireworks show in Cleveland. It doesn’t have to be when you are 19-8.

Cleveland, like Colorado in the N.L. West, has decided to check out in May. The Indians are four and a half games up on the Kansas City Royals in the upside-down American League Central. All of a sudden they can’t lose at home.

Then again, it’s still May. We haven’t hit the quarter pole in a very long baseball season.

That doesn’t mean Cleveland shouldn’t enjoy their penthouse view. After all, this city needs a break.

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