Will & Kate (Plus 80 Million)

Every year, for four days in July, I wake up early.

Let me define my terms.

For me, early arrives before 8:00 AM. That may not be early for you. I kind of operate on Pacific Daylight Time.

I make a point to watch all four rounds of The Open Championship golf tournament. You probably call it the British Open. That’s not the name of the tournament. I know. I’ve been there. I have a ticket and everything.

I bring this up because the biggest sporting event of the week will not occur at Staples Center, Verizon Center or even Yankee Stadium. The hottest ticket in the world is a stub to Westminster Abbey on Friday.

It’s the Royal Wedding of William & Kate.

This looks like the absolute Super Bowl of weddings.  You can even wager on if it will rain on Kate & Bill’s parade. (It’s true. Give a look to the overwhelming amount of proposition bets for a wedding.)

All of the networks will cover the event with a pre-game show that leads up to the nuptials. It starts at 4:00 AM. A tremendous amount of folks (mostly young women) will rise and shine early on Friday morning to live out something that can’t do – live out a fairy tale an ocean away.

“The future princess reminds me a great deal of Diana and it doesn’t surprise me at all that the prince chose her,” one of my friends wrote me.  “I’m mostly excited to see her dress and the actual ceremony.”

A former intern of mine actually took the day off of work to celebrate the occasion by throwing a Royal Wedding party.

Some of my other friends won’t be setting their alarm clock. “Oh, is that Friday?” a friend texted me. Another one of my girl friends laughed in my face, which isn’t really new to me.  A reporter at the station is upset by the coverage. “Let the 24-hour news networks cover that. People want to wake up and see weather and traffic, not that.”

It’s interesting to see how polarizing coverage of an event can become. Are the networks overdoing coverage? Of course. Is it compelling television? Depends on who you ask.

I can watch golf for 10 hours a day. I won’t mock someone waking up early to watch a wedding.

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