Brand Loyalty

Just because you spent $20 to see the latest Russell Brand comedy doesn’t mean you will laugh. Just because a team leads a Stanley Cup playoff hockey game 4-0 at home in the second period doesn’t mean they will win the game. (Somehow, the Los Angeles Kings got caught in the middle of a San Jose Shark attack at Staples Center on Tuesday night, losing 6-5 in overtime.) And just because folks announce dates and times doesn’t mean your ticket will grant you access to see a game that you love.

The NFL released its schedule on Tuesday evening which prompted many tweets of excitement involving a league currently locking itself out of work. We are currently more excited about the prospect of a football season that we don’t enjoy actual games taking place in baseball, basketball and hockey. I understand that’s a sweeping generalization, but just look at your Twitter feed. How many people tweeted that Mariano Rivera blew a save for the New York Yankees last night from the folks that you follow? Compare that to the release of the NFL schedule and the scales tip heavily towards America’s true passion.

I am a baseball purist. I also recognize that professional football acts as the lifeblood of the sports universe. I’m fairly confident that most folks don’t care about the reasons for the lockout. After all, the scoreboard matters most and right now it’s stuck in the off position. If we will see football in September, (and I’m certain we will) the players and owners must understand that this game means something to almost every person in this country.

After all, watching the NFL beats anything Russell Brand has ever done in his entire career.

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