Slow Dance

The forty minutes that decided basketball’s national champion on Monday night looked like one long, awkward first date. There were more questions than answers. Dating isn’t a layup and neither Butler or UConn could make one at Reliant Stadium. Both the Bulldogs and Huskies exchanged a plethora of party fouls that left a neutral fan uninspired during the pinnacle of the college basketball season. No one made a move.

Houston, you showcased the problems.

I understand why the NCAA plays a basketball game in a football stadium. It’s all about the money. I get it. At some point the governing body of one of the most popular sporting events needs to take a step back. No team shot particularly well all weekend long in Texas. Butler scored the most (70) and least (40) points of the weekend. It was a disgusting form of basketball on display. You don’t play 40 games in arenas with a maximum seating capacity of 17,000 folks and then suddenly up the ante to 70,000. It’s not fair to the players, who act as the pawns in the NCAA’s grand scheme.

There’s a difference between good defense and bad offense. Monday’s title game featured the latter. Butler actually played better defense, forcing UConn into five more turnovers than the Bulldogs committed. It’s a shame that Butler couldn’t make a shot. The Bulldogs shot 18.8% from the field on Monday night. That’s a new low in the championship game. Sometimes it’s not that great to set records.

I took away zero shining moments from the title game in Houston – and so did CBS. In “One Shining Moment”  at the end of the tournament, I counted two made field goals from the title game in the song. There were four reaction shots.

I don’t want a second date if this is the future of college basketball.

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